Kit Watches was founded on the philosophy of reminding people the value of time.  Kit stands for keep in touch.  Keep in touch with all that is important to you for time is the most valuable asset in life.  We wanted a wristwatch that was  simple, affordable, and durable.  So we made it! We are proud to present to you Kit Watches.

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Appealing to the modern man and woman, our designs are minimalistic, playful, subtle, and bold.  For our first collection, we combine two of the oldest known materials used by man, wood and leather and add a modern touch to connect the old with the new. Overtime, you'll start to develop an intimate bond with your watch. The wood and leather absorbs oils from your skin, will continuously change as it develops a rich patina,  and give your Kit watch a unique and authentic look. It's a beautiful reminder of the changes we experience with time. 

Designed in



Designed with Purpose

Indentation located below the crown to help adjust the time


Quick release switch pins allow for a two-tone watch strap

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