Our Story


My name is Jeanne and I am the founder and artist behind Kit Watches. My story begins with what was supposed to be a ten day vacation that later turned into six months in New York City and two months in Germany.  Like any good NYC story, it starts with Times Square. Dodging the selfie sticks, declining the comedy shows, marveling at street performers, I find myself sitting on top of the twenty-seven ruby-red structural glass steps of the TKTS booth. This is where my dream of being an innovator began. I felt inspiration from the people, the culture, the mentality, and I became hooked.  Arriving at the MOMA on a Friday, seeing the work of Andy Warhol propelled my artistic dream even more. Stopping for souvenirs at the MOMA Design Store was the equivalent of a 90’s kid entering Toys-R-Us, pure heaven.  I walked across the Williamsburg Bridge; I came across Artist and Fleas and told myself one day I will be part of this. The tenth day came, I missed my flight back to Austin, I settled in, and started working for Very Fresh Noodles. I rolled with the punches and now I find myself here, recently launching my first collection at Artists and Fleas in Williamsburg. NYC taught me the value of time and Germany taught me the value of quality craftsmanship. Currently based out of Albuquerque, NM, the beautiful Land of Enchantment.