The Inspiration Behind the Kraemer (Celebrating Pride)

The greatest works of art stem from love.

When creating a masterpiece, the artist is completely enthralled in the thought of their lover. Expressing every emotion through color and in each gentle stroke, they strive to create the perfect piece to represent the person they love. In this case, the Kraemer was designed and named after the person I once loved. She was bold and beautiful. Ambitious and outspoken. Intelligent and gentle. We went on many daring adventures and traveled the world. We were unstoppable.

The Kraemer design symbolizes a clear summer day. I cherished the tranquility and the feeling of harmony during our time together. The blue and gray on the dial is the sky; the white represents the clouds; the yellow is the sun, and the silver is to reflect the vibrance she brought to my life.

Although we went our separate ways, it's absolutely incredible how love can touch us so deeply. 

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