"If you can think it, you can do it." -Walt Disney

I can recall the time I made the decision to stay in New York City to work my ass off to build a watch company.  Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge, I had goosebumps and felt anything and everything I ever wanted was at arms reach.  All I had to do was leap and hope a net would appear. Sure it took commitment, focus, discipline and whole lot of luck to make it happen and ultimately I hoped that one day all the hard work would pay off.

Fast forward to a year and half later, I am completely in awe of the breathtaking experiences that have come along the way.  The feature in Vanity Fair was incredible. I remember opening up the email when they asked if we could be featured in their magazine.  I ran upstairs to tell my mother, we looked at each other and said, “ It’s a scam!” Reassuring right? I mean seriously, what are the odds that a major fashion magazine would contact me, a small time entrepreneur (who showers maybe once every two days and wears the same pair of jeans everyday) and thinks,” Oh this a company we should feature.” Thanks Vanity Fair! You’re the real MVP!

Furthermore, getting accepted into the Renegade Craft Fair was amazing.  I was able to meet the coolest, smartest and most down to Earth people. I can recall endless laughter and deep talks about philosophy and life.  Through Renegade I was able to meet Debra from the San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design. She took a chance with Kit Watches and now I can happily say Kit is part of a museum store!  As a designer, this is such an honor and I get giddy everytime I think of it.

With the good also comes the bad.  In late October, a few days after my birthday, my pup Bailey and I got into a terrible roll over accident trying to dodge a buck in the middle of the road.  As the SUV was in mid air, the only wish I had was that my pup Bailey would survive the accident. I couldn’t bare the thought of losing her. Fortunately for us, we came out with minor injuries.  This experience showed me how fragile life is. We are here today and gone tomorrow. What is there to fear? I had the watches during the accident and when the firefighters and cops were done asking questions, I made sure to mention the watches would make a great Christmas gift.  I walked out of that accident with the watches in one hand, a red electric guitar and my pup Bailey in the other. I was able to watch the sunrise and hear the birds sing and there was nothing more I could ask for. Thank you for your endless support. I’m grateful for the amazing partnerships with Spur Line, Zani Gifts, The Museum of Craft and Design, Shelf, and Crimson Serpent Outpost.  2019 has come to a great start! We have established two more partnerships and will reveal them in the coming days ahead. If there’s one quote that could summarize 2018, it would be, “ All of our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney

Kit Watches